my circle

img_4481As a kid, I was taught to be a friendly child. You don't know someone, just keep smiling. Don't make a face at them, they will say you are a good child. I grew up, and old habits take time to die, whether you have just had the most terrible fight with your partner , lover or your friend or daughter … you just got to keep going and put on that very best smile of yours, so that the world doesn't know whats going on inside you. The goal was set in stone. Make people happy.  So after years of being a people pleaser, have moved to a stage in life where I decided to create circles around me. They call it the inner circle and outer circle. Inner circle is your very close family and friends and outer circle, your larger group of extended family and friends. There are things you can share with your inner circle and then there are things that you can share with your outer circle. Rules again, about to be set in stone. Pause. What about the things that you don't want to share with anyone? There are those kinds too… right ? All of us have those. And most important, is there a need to share everything at all ? Not to be disrespectful, but being respectful to oneself. They call me detached . They call me cold.They call me selfish. They call me rude. Thats fine. Its time I pleased myself . Its time I had full fledged conversations with myself and go inward. Its time I drew a grey circle exclusively around me – my circle. #circleoflife #itsmylife #mycircle

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