Once upon a time in Bhutan …

It took me 100 days to actually take time out to put up my love affair out here in public. There are so many blogs and articles on this beautiful country, visited by few and for those who are lucky to have visited , it remains like a past that continues to haunt.

For me, Bhutan is much more than all of nature’s flirtatious advances. It really is one person, who comes back in a flash of memory every time I think about this trip . No , it isn’t any one night stand or a drunken affair of sorts that am talking about. This is probably an ode to one of the most beautiful soul I have ever encountered in my life . My trust in humans just probably got a bit better , considering the ones we encounter in our fast paced lives in cities .

He picked me up from the door step of my hotel , my driver and guide for ten days. Almost like Krishna, the charioteer in ‘Bhagavad Gita’ who gives the most important teachings in life to Arjuna the disciple , I lapped up every bit of wisdom he had to offer.

Introducing Chenga – the mountain man

Born and brought up in Thimphu , he is all of 31. He got married at a young age of 25 and divorced at the age of 29. For the last 2 years , he has been living with his brother and taking care of his entire family.

So…. he picked me up on time every single day , took me around the most beautiful places- hills , valleys , temples , shopping ; treated me to awesome mouth watering local food , got me local wine to taste , ( hold your breath ) ….. checked the temperature of the water in the stone bath that was being prepared for me; the tiger nest trek and ofcourse the wit and wisdom that came almost naturally! And all this with a heart of gold and no other intent !

A few excerpts from my conversation with Chenga :

Me : I was constantly checking the weather updates on my phone
Chenga: Weather is like the human mind , it keeps changing and no forecast helps,so stop checking and depending on it. Let it go.

Me: On our drive to Thimphu and the steep ascends and descends Chenga :Mountains are like life , everything that goes up has to go down and vice versa

Me: On the long distances between the towns.
Chenga : The distances are short , it’s the journeys that are long in Bhutan

Me : What would you love to change in your life ?
Chenga : I don’t think a lot . I only depend on God to take care . We never know what will happen tomorrow . Live life completely in the present . No use thinking and worrying .

Me : Why is everyone happy in Bhutan ?
Chenga – Because there is nothing else to do , but be happy!

Chenga’s parting lines to me (straight out of a Bollywood movie … effortless though ! )
You must remember me on a full moon night – Purnima – my name means the 15th day in Buddhist calendar . The day of the full moon”

Simple thoughts . Simple life . Actually life is pretty simple , we tend to complicate it . Don’t we ?

So all you girls and boys out there, if ever you plan a trip to Bhutan , feel free to connect with this wonderful human being and you can be assured that your travel will indeed be memorable !

Ps: some pics from my trip to give you a peek on the culture and beauty of the country. And OFFBEAT TRAVELS a big thank you !

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3 thoughts on “Once upon a time in Bhutan …

  1. Heartwarming story and breathtaking photos! Thanks for sharing.

    Have you ever watched the documentary called “Happy”? Western societies, rich in resources and wealth, seem to have over-complicated life so much that happiness seems to be the most scarce and precious resource of all these days. But we’re sometimes so busy in the rat-racing, we can’t see that which we unknowingly crave most is perfectly within our grasp.

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