Ms or Mrs ?

What's in a title ? For a woman it is extremely personal to be asked these kind of questions. If the area of questioning is at a reception of a diagnostic centre with a lot of people around …… even worse !

So with a crucial tooth ache, I go for an X-ray and was greeted by the lady at the reception, not exactly with a greeting but a very straight face, almost as though all my answers are still going to prove me guilty at her court of law :

Ms or Mrs ?
Age ?
Exact birth date
Surname ?

I thought the next question should have been gender ? Which fortunately she didn't ask me!

The cute guy standing next to me was very happy that his round of questioning was over much before I got to the reception. It was my test by fire now .

So the question I have is on basic human communication skills . Goes back to training people to be civil and polite . So we need finishing schools for normal behaviour cause we aren't exposed to this while growing up ? Am sure she had to take details down for records , however there is a manner in which the same can be skilfully collected.

Is this going to be the end of polite face to face conversation and restricted only to digitally edited conversations complete with smileys and icons that emote what you feel?

Very soon we will be doing a Google to check – how to talk to people ?

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