Yes, I was abused !

A yes, to that answer would have landed me a job in a different city !!

It's been a couple of months that I have been actively looking around for a suitable opportunity to further my career and be financially independent with an equally fulfilling work environment. Now , that sounds like a paradox, to most. You can never get both is what the left brainers say. Though I disagree , I prefer to keep that opinion to myself. And I firmly believe that there is something remarkable predefined for every single person on this planet. You just need to be patient and have focus.

Coming back to career break :
It takes balls, grit and a bit of planning and strength of mind to actually throw everything up and decide to take a career break for anyone in today's day and age. Where you are asked questions from people around you , sometimes friends, family , consultants (most of them lack the professional experience of dealing with humans). So it's funny how these questions are asked either with absolutely no brains, no heart or no soul . It definitely makes it to my life chronicle to keep reminding me of this stage in life and the oh-so-shallow thinking we come across πŸ™‚

Top rated questions from consultants and people around me .

1. How could you throw away a job without another job in hand ? ( note the usage of words here …..seriously , should I have asked you before I did it ? )
2. Maybe you should just take up a not- so exciting job for now , cause you may get frustrated soon without a job in hand.( well and then land up in the same spot which I had gathered courage to get away from ? )
3. You want to relocate ? Without your husband and daughter ? Are you sure everything is ok ? ( do you really want to be my therapist ? Do I have to really share my life with you? )
4. Are you sure there is no family problem? (maybe if I had said yes, am being abused physically every single day, I would have landed up with that job in a different city )
5. You are lucky you are a woman and didn't have any responsibilities to actually make you think twice before throwing away a job like that ( what makes you decide that , moron ?! Women have equal responsibilities, and if a man wants, he can definitely take it as well, it's a balance between the two )
6. How come you took a career break after so many years of working ? Are you planning to start a family or your family member fell ill ? ( is it really imperative to take a break for someone else and not really take a break for oneself ?)
7. How old are you ? ( check my resume , it's clearly mentioned , you don't necessarily have to ask me that question right ? )
8. You have no regrets in taking this career break ? ( now , how do I prove it to you ? Why don't we go get some coffee together and I could counsel you on that one ?)
9. How can you sound so happy and positive all the time ? ( are you complaining ? Or are you just jealous ?)
10. I have gone through your profile in detail, but I fail to understand your need to relocate ( curious cat ! If I were a man, that question clearly wouldn't have been asked )

PS: No offence meant, but just that if only individuals are taught early in life that it's not necessary to ask irrelevant questions to sound intelligent! Sometimes, it's better to listen and 'actively' listen to words that aren't spoken.

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