Yes , I do . . .

I was in love with the concept of solo until I discovered the joy of having a partner for life!

Sorry , I missed the word ‘travel‘ here πŸ™‚

#solotravel and #travelpartnerforlife

Solo travel was always a breath of respite , a sense of independence , of being free from responsibilities and completely at one’s own pace without having to depend on the rest of their schedules , energy levels etc…. and instead mind your own business and just be .

Sounds very similar to a stage before one gets married, isn’t it ?

However , what happens when you find a partner who kind of mirrors you? In this case …. a travel partner for life…inevitably this person is your BFF and a twin soul combined .

1. You have the same feelings about how you want to mix “do things” and “do nothing ” so that means no fight and no compromises.
2. No argument over where to travel to, because you want to go everywhere together.
3. You know the few things you don’t agree on and anticipate them ahead of time.
4. Whether it’s sleep or hunger or maybe even anxiety pangs, you can just sense it.
5. Both are equally adventurous about trying new things- walks , treks , rides , drives.
6. You don’t need a phone because who are you going to text or call anyway ?
7. You get to eat twice as many kinds of food because obviously you’re sharing everything.
8. You are both in sync with your timing on everything- from wake up to …. brushing your teeth ….. hmmm at times even sleeping time ;P
9. You splurge on the same stuff and save on other things. Rather spend on good food and comfortable travel than exotic and fancy luxury resorts for stay.
10. You feel the same way about partying. Both turn into a pumpkin at the strike of 12 ! Blame it on the age , maybe ;p
11. All your stories starts with “back in our home town’ and ‘while we were growing up’….You already know all the big and little stuff about each other and now it’s time for all those in-between things.

Marriage and life partner is one thing.But travel and an ideal travel partner for life is surely something else. Gender, no bar in this case πŸ™‚ Only experience can tell !

May all of us be lucky to find our own !

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