Life of a yogi 

Early this year,  I decided to quit my 16 years of corporate life to go and live in a remote ashram in India to learn yoga and philosophy. My corporate circle and career influencers told me that it’s probably the biggest mistake I would do , my inner circle said … go for it , take a break and then get back . And my inner voice was just too confused to know anything beyond the next minute. Well , so a deep dive into the unknown it was . 

From getting into a strict discipline of 5:00 am waking up time , two meals a day of yogic food , late mark attendance , back to back class schedules , selfless service like cooking , cleaning , serving , sweeping and those trying exams – written and practical to making plenty of friends and being able to face the world with a new sense of purpose . 

Would like to put down a few important take aways : 

1.Discipline long lost in child hood ….isn’t all that bad in your daily life  and can be practised in adult hood too. 

2.Life is only this very minute , so let go and don’t let worry take you over ( easy to say , but atleast you learn to remind yourself this every time shit happens ) 

3.Food – twice a day is just fine for the system – occasional indulgence is not a sin ! 

4.You really don’t need alcohol to get you high – you are on a high all the time – with yourself ! 

5.The importance of breath to anything else in the world . You just can’t live without it! Just keep it free flowing . 

6.Attitude of gratitude to everything around you. 

7.Don’t ever punish yourself by being over critical and setting huge benchmarks for oneself. Things will happen – will not happen , it’s not really in your hands . 

8.Life is meant to be lived and rejoiced, so don’t try to jump and grab that garbage being flung at you by anyone.

9.To get the perfect head stand – all you got to do is practice , breathe and surrender ! And not really keep checking a zillion posts on how to get that perfect head stand ! 

10.Karma is not a bitch , she is instead, a good friend whom you can depend on completely this very moment! So do no harm and just be ! 

The silent walk upto the mountain followed by chanting and meditation. 

The amazing sunset view from the dining hall roof top after dinner at 6 :00 pm

The trek down hill – sweating it out 

The lamp Puja – calling out to the divine goddess 

When the hatha yoga class goes outside by the lake 

The scrumptious graduation dinner 

Our study area 

The health hut – fresh fruit juice and cheese toast for those hunger pangs – open only for an hour 

The pre-natal classes – the men too got a chance to experience! 

Dear life : Thank you for this lovely opportunity ! 

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