Interview Venue : Fish Market 

So while my hunt for a ‘suitable’ job goes on, trust me … have not applied for the post of a Fishermonger as yet 😉 …. ( though I have met a bunch of happy and positive people there ) 

Yesterday, when I got a call from a consultant who was trying to pitch a profile to me and understand my work achievements , I decided to attend the call right where I was – the fish market . The sounds , the smell …. the sight …. all inclusive . And here is what I brushed up on  : 

Customer has turned Queen and is definitely more demanding cause her standards are high and she is fully aware of the ways of the world. Don’t fool her ! 

The importance of being present and relating to customers as human beings and emotionally engage them . Constant conversations and stories matter. 

Look for ways to make your customers day – delight them . Gratification is key. 

Being of service and taking great care of your customer, is the only way you can counter competition. 

Delivering the very best quality product, ensures loyalty and will keep them coming back for more. 

Serving not only loyal customers but also prospective ones will ensure you have a steady line up. 

The secret to our success lies in our commitment to being who we say we are. Stay true ! 

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