Those Three words!  

With no strings attached? The power of three words in English language has always been spoken about, written about and what not . English language is such, you can speak it with absolutely no emotions attached and yet make it sound perfect and well timed, yes absolutely with no strings attached!! 
What’s the use of being spoken and written about , when people don’t really feel what they say from the heart or their mind ? Being expressive is not rocket science, it’s purely being human. It’s a feeling. It’s there in your every breath , you are living it , but you hold onto it ? And for those who say that they are not expressive , is like saying I know how to breathe, get angry, upset and feel loved but don’t know how it feels?! Paradox, isn’t it ? 

For instance, what do these sentences mean, if it doesn’t come from the heart:

I love you :  when they fall out of a loved one’s mouth … may feel like a million stars exploding in the sky, and can at the same time sound like a death note when you realise later through actions, that the feelings didn’t work in conjunction with the mouth.

How are you: the sound of it is – ‘oh so considerate’,  but really, how many out there are actually interested in knowing how you are doing ? They are more interested in letting you know in the next breath about how they feel and what they are going through. 

I miss you: it’s a request, please don’t say this ever , if you don’t mean it . Cause this actually is a killer. Keep it simple , if you miss something or someone say it , don’t say it cause you feel you need to respond to someone in the same manner 

I’m with you : no you aren’t , and you never will be . No one can understand the situation you are in but you yourself . So maybe never use it . 

Are you ok? : and what if am not ok ? Will you be able to help me feel ok ? What will you do about it ? Will you talk to me ? Rush to meet me ? Or just stay away and not come in my way after the answer is in negative ? 

Talk to me : sure I will , but what happens when I need someone to talk to really bad ? Would these words still hold good ? Would you think it’s important to make that one call and talk ….if you can’t be by my side at that point in time ? 

I am a passionate person and feel strongly about everything and everyone around me. That makes me expressive . I speak what I feel, this helps me cause I don’t then live a life of regret. Then why is it so difficult to understand me ? Why is it difficult to know exactly what can lift my spirits and what can kill ? 

Why can’t the words you speak or write …. be with strings attached? 

3 thoughts on “Those Three words!  

  1. “strings attached” I think is one of the most over rated virtues in the world. To think of it there aren’t any strings what so ever. life is too footloose to have any strings attached any way. It’s small to expect out of one’s gesture. It’s naive to look for motivation in every word. Depth is not about the deep, its actually about the unknown in the depth. Motives ratify intent, intent ratifies knowledge, knowledge kills surprise. No Strings attached, is full of surprises & I love them.


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