Yes, I was abused !

A yes, to that answer would have landed me a job in a different city !! It's been a couple of months that I have been actively looking around for a suitable opportunity to further my career and be financially independent with an equally fulfilling work environment. Now , that sounds like a paradox, to […]

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The wait

How would life be without this word ? There is not a single moment that goes by without us waiting for something , be it a for a person , someone to get off his work , a boss to walk in for a meeting , a call , a message , a drink , […]

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Happy Journey ! 

So what ? : There is nothing more exasperating than these two words . For me, perhaps even more than anyone using cuss words. At work, you are expected to answer this question , the benefits and the direct impact the answer has on the brand and the revenue is imperative. But what about being […]

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my circle

As a kid, I was taught to be a friendly child. You don't know someone, just keep smiling. Don't make a face at them, they will say you are a good child. I grew up, and old habits take time to die, whether you have just had the most terrible fight with your partner , […]

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